Wisdom from the Native American Indians

“When the Europeans first came here, Columbus, we could drink out of any river. If the Europeans had lived the Indian way when they came, we’d still be drinking out of the waters, because, the water is sacred, the air is sacred.”


“Our DNA is made of the same DNA as the tree. The tree breathes what we exhale. When the tree exhales, we need what the tree exhales, so, we have a common destiny with the tree.”

“We are all from the earth, and when the earth, the water, the atmosphere is corrupted, then it will create its own reaction. Mother Earth is reacting.”

“And the world has become ‘a market’. And it’s this market that we have to deal with, and it’s this idea of boundless, and endless, resources. And when you say resources, you’re talking about our relatives, you’re talking about our family. Fish are our family, it’s not a resource, it’s a family. It requires all the respect.”

“The structure of the world itself is such that it functions on natural law, and the natural law is a powerful, regenerative process. It’s a process of regeneration that continues and grows and is endless. It’s absolutely endless if everyone agrees to the law and follows the law. But if you challenge the law, and you think you’re going to change the law, then you’re bound to failure. And in that failure will be a lot of pain, because the natural law has no mercy. It is only the law.”

“The Earth is all powerful. It wasn’t made here for human beings, it’s that we’re part of it. But we don’t have to be here, because the earth has it’s own process. And if it comes to the point where you destroy yourself as human beings and you destroy life and finally leave this earth, the earth’s not going to disappear. There’s not going to be an end to the world. That’s really a very interesting concept to us. No, the world won’t end, people’s life on it will. So it’s not the end of the world you’re talking about, it’s the end of us. And the world, no matter what damage you think you’ve done to it, will regenerate, will re-green, will redo everything that was here at one time, except there won’t be any people. Because, it’s got all the time in the world.”

“As you’re coming down the final stretch, you’re racing towards the finish, and there is the stone wall, and you’re not pulling your horse, you’re not stopping, in fact you’re accelerating. That’s the way I see the use of what you call resources. You’re using them faster than they’re reproducing. And you’re headed towards that disaster, and none of you are pulling your horse. And everyday that you don’t do what’s right, is a day that you’ve lost an option. And you’re losing your options everyday.”

“No tree grows by itself. A tree is a community. Certain trees, certain plants will gather around certain trees, and certain medicines will gather around those certain plants. So that if you kill all the trees, if you cut all the trees, then you’re destroying a community, you’re not just destroying a tree, you’re destroying a whole community that surrounds it and thrives on it, and that may be very important medicine for people or for animals. So you’ve lost a community, and if you’re clear cut, which is what’s happening in America and Canada a great deal these days and I guess around the world, then you’re really a very destructive force. And simply re-planting trees is not replanting community – you’ve lost a lot in the process. If you don’t understand that, you will. And that understanding comes in a very difficult manner.”

“And of the hundred dominant economic units in the world today, of the hundred largest economic units – and this is the word they use, units – forty-nine are countries and fifty-one are corporations. Now… digest that for a second. What does that mean? It means that corporations are the driving force of decision making today. And corporations are not concerned with human rights, they are not concerned with human life, they are not even concerned with the proper wage for the people that are working for them…so what kind of decisions are going to be made on our behalf by this economic power? These corporate states I call them. Oh, there’s going to be hell to pay – as they say – for some of the things that are going on now.”

“So I think that people have to become aware and become awake, and, power is always in the people’s hands. First they need to come of one mind and they need to challenge the values that are being shoved at them today, because they’ve really become a consumer society that’s driven by economics, it’s not driven by common sense. You know it’s not good sense to follow somebody just because why? you can’t give me answer why you follow him but if you are going to do something like jumping off a cliff, then would you follow him? Would you do that? Use your sense. Use your common sense. Everybody should be their own leader. In other words do your thinking for yourself.”

“And we look about, we look about for allies and we look about for friends. We look about for people who will understand and agree to those mandates for peace. And we are now placing in your hands, all life. And it is your responsibility and it is your duty to look after all life. And so when he was speaking like that, he wasn’t talking about our aunts and our uncles and our cousins and our fathers and our mothers. He was talking about all life. He was talking about the trees, he was talking about the fish, animals. Everything that grows. Everything with life. Because it is, a family.”

The Sleepy Moose: Waking up – from the world around to the world within.


6 thoughts on “Wisdom from the Native American Indians

  1. This is a beautiful film and such an important message. I wanted to share it but did not find a share button. I love your blog and will list it on my blog roll. Hugs, pat

    1. Thank you very much pat, for all of your lovely comments. You give me inspiration and encouragement 🙂
      I’m still learning the mechanics of all this, so any other suggestions you or others have, are more than welcome.
      Share buttons added 🙂

      much love,

  2. Hi, I just shared your blog on FB and Stumbled Upon. I do not know how much you know about getting readers, but if I can help let me know. I have been getting a huge jump in readership since I started using Stumbled Upon. If you have any questions, I will be happy to see if I can help. You can write me at my email: ********************

    Good luck, your blog is very special and much needed. Hugs, pat

    1. Thanks pat. You truly are a kind soul. I’ve hidden your email for security sake, but have taken note of it.
      You’re kindness, and insight, is much appreciated.


      1. Considering your blog content, I had to laugh at you hiding my email for “security.” There is no privacy any more, probably never was. But I figure if THEY want to follow me around and watch what I do, they will soon die of boredom. Not that my life is boring, but watching someone else be happy when you are not, gets hard to take eventually. My life is open….no secrets, even the skeletons in the closet are out. If I receive emails I do not like, I just delete them and send the person lots of love and light. I refuse to live my life in fear…I know how the story ends! Thanks for your encouragement on my new section “In My Lifetime.” Hugs, pat

      2. Yeah it was mainly for spam bots that I did it. You have a great attitude to life. I hope it is rubbing off on those around you 🙂


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