The Spirit of an Occupation

When I arrived at Dame Street about 3pm, there was already a big crowd, well over 100 people (maybe 150 including spectators), gathered in front of the Central Bank of Ireland.

There was a “speaker stand” set up for people who wanted to vent their frustrations, opinions, or protest chants at Government and the Banking Elite. An ingenious method known as “The Human Microphone” was being utilised to get the message out there. Basically, whatever the speaker speaks, the surrounding crowd repeats. The result being that the message gets projected outward to those who can’t hear. It is also beneficial to the speaker because it lets them know that we are all there to support each other.

People donated very generously to the cause also. Donations went toward food and supplies. There was a great mix of cooked food, sandwiches and fresh, non-GMO fruit being passed around to everyone present. With both carnivores and vegetarians being accommodated for. We would like to send a well deserved “compliments to the chef”, from 🙂

Music was provided by djembe drums, guitars, mandolins, Irish flute, bodhrán and the kitchen utensils you see below, as well as anything else with which people could produce sound and rhythm. Great “craic agus ceol” was had by both instrumentalists and audience alike.

Night and day blended into one as they both ended for some and began for others at about 8am this morning (9th October).

Below are some more photos from the day.

5 thoughts on “The Spirit of an Occupation

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