More from #OccupyDameStreet (Dublin, Ireland)

#OccupyDameStreet has been reported on TodayFM, RTE & CNN, plus various newspapers around the country, with related radio broadcasts on Today FM and 98FM.

The Irish Times reported that “the US embassy in Dublin issued an emergency warning to its citizens on Friday about the “anti-financial sector protest in the vicinity of the Central Bank”. Tours planned as part of the Open House Dublin festival were cancelled for “security reasons””. It should be noted that this protest has been nothing but peaceful and respectful of the occupied area, as well as being well supported by the local community.

Occupations are also taking place in Belfast and Cork. When the people speak, the world listens!

Dedicated to those TV and newspaper reports counting only 30-60 participants. Someone should get these guys an abacus!)


From the first night of the occupation


The Human microphone 🙂

Included for your awakening 😉


The political illusion


More photos of day one can be found here #OccupyDameStreet – Day One

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