Optical Illusion

Below are two videos which demonstrate simply the power that the visual world has over our own “evolved” brains. The “Jesus” one you may already have seen, but the “Homer” one was new to me (and the more interesting of the two for a particular reason). If you are any way interested in colour at all, you should have an idea of why it appears as it does.

These videos can easily be passed off as simple tricks of the mind, but it’s simple tricks like these (and many other complex, devious & more subtle methods) that advertising/marketing groups use to sway the consumer to buy, sell, visit, vote, think, behave & react in a particular fashion. Think about shapes, colours, images and words being used to constantly bombard television screens, computer monitors, magazines and more importantly, the human psyche on a daily basis. It becomes very clear when we consider how long the average person spends hypnotised by a tv screen, even choosing to sit complacently watching commercials rather than do… anything else!

I do not wish to frighten. On the contrary, I post these so that you may get some enjoyment (and hopefully some understanding) from them. All I am saying is to be aware of the world around you, and the world which has been created by modern capitalists, because, they are both very distinct worlds.

(after staring at the images, look at a blank wall. Blinking refreshes the image in your mind)




Some extra pics I thought you might enjoy.


Noam Chomsky – America’s Messianic Vision of Democracy.


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