A place to call Home

There is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy, known to some as Mother Earth, The World, Our Home. It is something that has been shared amongst an uncountable variety of life-forms for untold revolutions of the Sun. But, with the “evolution” of man, or more so, the progress in industry and technology, and even more so again, with the status and power that we have carelessly awarded to money and profit, we, as a species, are the sole cause of detriment, to life as we know it, around the globe.

When people talk about the end of the world, what they really mean is the end of society, or life, as we perceive it to be, in its current state. The world will continue to spin, continue to harbour life for unforeseeable eons to come. The question is, will we be here to experience and enjoy it?

We live on a beautiful, living gem, protected by the confines of a delicate, spherical atmosphere, floating around the vacuum of Space. Do yourself a favour. Unplug your t.v. and educate yourself. Do something beneficial for your home. Begin within. Then move locally, nationally and globally. I wish you, and all of the other beautiful entities existing on this planet, the very best.

Feel free to share this with family, friends and acquaintances. The sooner people wake up to the realities of life and the world around us, the better. For everyone involved.
(If the video doesn’t play, click the “YouTube” button on the video to watch it on YouTube instead. Enjoy!)


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