Follow Your Heart, Always

I was very inquisitive as a child. Always asking questions. Always curious of the unknown.
Through all of my questions and curiosities, this is where I have arrived.

"The mind asks no question that the heart cannot answer. Should you think you have found one, it is only a distraction from Truth" – Waking up to the world around, and the world within.


2 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart, Always

  1. I love this! I do not understand why you were reluctant to post it on your blog. I did post it on my blog with a link here. I also posted it on FB, Twitter, and Stumbled Upon. Hugs, pat

  2. Mainly because I wanted to leave it anonymous (like the other one). Which is also why I didn’t sign it ;), but thank you for your kind words and support 🙂

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