Practical Awareness

From the point of view of attaining goals, be they internal or external, awareness is key. Combined with patience, anything is possible. As humans, we may not always be able to be as perfect in every situation as we would like, but being aware of an imperfect moment allows one to tick that box inside that says “marked for future improvement”. This is all that is required to begin your journey on the road to self-betterment. Awareness.

One should understand that even though this road may not be the smoothest, nor the shortest, it is one full of beauty and wonder. And just like the difference between meditation and the use of psychedelics for spiritual practices, it is the most fulfilling and rewarding. It is also the most durable due to each moment being akin to a thread of fabric – though seemingly small and insignificant – en mass it creates tightness and strength in the garment of Self.

The road is uniquely different for each individual, for the simple reason that everyone creates their own path as they walk along it. Being aware, for the purpose of self-betterment, is comparable to being your own tightrope safety net. Realise that it is okay to fall; as long as you are there to catch yourself, and so prevent a negative or destructive impact within. In actuality, “falling” is to be expected and encouraged as part of the learning process, for the sake of instilling confidence (in your ability to catch yourself), and knowing (that life does go on).

"The only competition lies within you. The grand prize? Knowledge of Self."

Once you partake on the journey within, you will find yourself waking up more with each and every stumble encountered, and the sooner you will be able to catch yourself each time. Until eventually you achieve an inner state of balance, also known as “oneness of self” – the experience of pure awareness in each living moment – and the net becomes an unnecessary addition to your inventory. By picking yourself up and trying again, you build strength, courage, and the knowledge and wisdom that is only gained through experience. These traits may not always be visible to the outside world, but they are ever present.

So the next time you produce that negative word/statement/thought/action, just consciously tick that box inside that says “marked for future improvement”, and begin your journey on the road to a better you. You are your own worst enemy and your own best friend. The master and the student reside inside. The only competition lies within you.

The grand prize? Knowledge of Self.


(I wish you the very best of success through this journey we call Life. – SM)

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