The Game of L.I.F.E

There has been a feeling of unrest and anxiousness growing throughout the hearts and minds of the people of this planet for some time. It has been a feeling of helplessness, and despair for not having control over one’s own life. For too long the “powers that be” have had a fierce stranglehold over the direction of our destiny.

The system we live in, is one of money, greed, and power that has been created by an almost inexistent minority (percentage-wise), which for too long has been the bane of our existence. Yet, it is us who feed and maintain this heartless monster by participating in its games. Games such as “Solitaire“; “Hide (from Life) & Seek (Happiness)” ; “Crazy Consumers” ; “Tag! You’re It!(now Pay that Fine!)” ; “Snakes & Bankers” ; and everyone’s favourite “Zombie T.V.“. While the owners of the beast prefer more despotic titles such as “Monopoly“, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey (a.k.a. Who Gets Stung Next!?)”, and “Risk“. Of course, each one is only a different level in the parent game of “L.I.F.E. (or “Living In Fanciful Expectations”), which itself is just another level within The Grand Game.

The feeling of helplessness stems from the unfounded belief that “once you’re in, there’s no way out”, which is why you may notice a lot of people playing at a slower pace, while others race through in the hope of reaching and overcoming “the final boss”, with the hope of achieving personal freedom.

For those who have paid attention to the rules though, there is a secret level. It is called “R.E.A.L. – L.I.F.E. (or “Regarding Experience As Living – Life Is For Evolving”). Once you reach this level, you can begin to programme your own level within the game of LIFE, liberated from the rules of the mainstream version.

How you choose to create this level, and the rules regarding it, will affect how your character interacts with others from LIFE and The Grand Game. All variables (reactions/emotions etc.) are decided by you, except the variables of others, but you decide how theirs affect yours.

There is also the option to turn off variables (i.e. becoming constant within yourself). This means that all situations and events outside your own level will have no effect on yours whatsoever, as they will have nothing to react with. (This is taking it to another level altogether, but one existent and attainable by all nonetheless).

The beauty is that you can connect with others on same or similar levels.
When you do this, both characters and levels become stronger, energised, and more enhanced.

Choose what is important in your life, but know why it is of importance to you – what you do; what you say; what you think; what you watch, read, and listen to; who you interact with; who you love; who you hate; the traditions you keep; and the promises you make – to yourself and to others. Everything in life is a choice. It all begins from within. Which is why you will never find the answer by searching the outside world alone.

You can make this game as real or as insignificant as you wish.
I would recommend however, whatever way you choose, that you make the most of it.


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