Pre-natal Yoga for Energy & Intuition with Ashley Albrand

This page is dedicated to all Portals of Life on this planet. Thank you.
For more information on yogic pregnancy, please visit Yogini Shakti Pregnancy, which includes recipes and other helpful advice to aid you during pregnancy. Namaste

Segment One

10 minute clip from Ashley’s Full Pre-natal Class. Sufi Grind & other kriyas that will energize you & unlock the power of your intuitive goddess.

Segment Two

This second segment of my pre-natal flow has a few more Kriya’s that will open your channels for Intuition & energy. Amazing song is Jap Man Sat Nam by Snatam Kaur.

Segment Three

The Third segment of my pre-natal flow for energy & intuition is Hatha Based. For those of you used to Vinyasa Flow yoga, all of these postures will be recognizable. For beginners or even practitioners looking for a gentle practice and are not pregnant this segment is great for you.

Segment Four

Segment four of my Pre-natal prana flow yoga. Second side of the hatha yoga standing postures. Great for beginners, pregnancy or just a gentle flow. Music is Holy water by Craig Kohland & Shaman’s Dream

Segment Five

Active psoas opening & restorative psoas opening. If you are not pregnant consider doing this pose flat on your back.

Segment Six

Segement 6 is a long & deep rajakapotasana pigeon pose. Use as many pillows and blankets as you can find around your house. Find a way to make yourself feel cozy. Deep breathing. You will walk so much easier after this!

Segment Seven

Segment 7 is the second side of your deep restorative rajakapotasana plus pranayama for pregnancy.

Segment Eight

Segment 8 is a brief meditation & a very long yin pose called yoga nidra. Its also a great variation for savasana when pregnant. You can do this segment anytime, it doesn’t have to be at the end of a practice, it could just be at the end of a very long day.
Relax. All is well.

The Sleepy Moose – Waking up to the world around – and the world within.


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