Breathe Yoga with Cat Kabira

Had to share this with you. A wonderful video series titled “Breath” by Cat Kabira.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

Truth by Breath (1/4)

The Namaste by Breath (2/4)

Sharing the Magic by Breath (3/4)

Tasting Spirit by Breath (4/4)


A short biography of Cat Kabira

As a severely anorexic 18 year old, Cat Kabira found yoga. And through yoga she discovered the ability to live with delight and joy. “What I loved was how yoga and meditation became tools for me in listening to myself… how to safely feel again… work through all the numbness I’d built up through the years.” Sadly, this numbness is something that many of us live with, its presence sometimes dominating our lives. What Cat found in yoga and meditation was a sense of stillness, an ability to be able to listen compassionately to her body, her mind, and her spirit. With this growing sense of self, Cat found she was able to slowly begin her journey to wellness, a wellness she could not truly remember having ever experienced before. It is this cultivation of the full self that is present in every one of her yoga classes.


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