Poem: World of Amaze

There once was a world of amaze
where wonder would swallow the days.
Consumed by desire, their passions grew higher
and bent for the circle that pays.

Beginnings were brighter for most of’m.
Losses? Sure, who’d pay the cost of’m!
Reality strikes through the gains and the hikes.
We be the “who be the boss of’m?”.

Life, my friend, is what you make of it.
Got to return if you take a bit.
Cycles are fluent. We must be congruent
with nature, instead of forsaking it.

All will not be as it once was.
Everything is just a once off.
Be here now. We are now.
See and know, we are one.
We can achieve what we want to.

Even surviving on less
so others may have a bit more.
Others won’t have an address
if we don’t grab the bull by the horns.
Sharing is having and caring is healing.
There is always hope for the future.

The Sleepy Moose: Waking up, from the world around to the world within.


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