Possibly the most important video you will ever see: Grounded

Grounded: a “Groundbreaking” Documentary About The Healing Power Of The Earth (2013)

Normally I would be inclined to write a short description to garner your interest in the above video, but all I will say about this one is watch the first ten minutes, and if after that you wish to turn it off, by all means do so.

However, if you love it, please share! And remember to leave your comments below. Thank you.

Featuring David Suzuki, Clint Ober, Dr. Mercola, and other leaders, naturalists, and health visionaries.

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The creators of the documentary “Grounded” allowed the film to be viewed online for a temporary amount of time to promote and gain interest for their creation. We had the full documentary above but have since had to exchange it for the trailer. If you would like to watch the film and support the filmmakers by purchasing the DVD, you can buy it from Amazon here:

I have included some other interesting and related videos below for your perusal. If you discover any more which you feel are worth a watch, please feel free to share them in the comments below or send the link to wakeup[at]sleepymoose.com. Thank you, SM



4 thoughts on “Possibly the most important video you will ever see: Grounded

    1. Hello Janet, apologies for the late response. I had to update this post since the filmmakers only allowed temporary access to the full film. I hope the links and videos above will be of some interest and use to you. With love, Moose

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