Meghan & The Moose (A conversation about Yoga, Juice, and Smoothies)

An Interview with Meghan Currie About a year after sharing this post on Meghan Currie, guess what?, she decides to do a weekend workshop in Dublin (Ireland being the home and HQ of Sleepy Moose). What a crazy moose I would have been to pass up an opportunity to learn from such a bright spark, … Continue reading Meghan & The Moose (A conversation about Yoga, Juice, and Smoothies)

From Insight to Vipassana

From December 27th to January 7th one hundred of us were observing noble silence (complete silence with no physical contact with others, not even eye contact!; and of course no contact to the outside world) while practising meditation for the majority of each day while having the daily food consumption (vegetarian) finished by noon, with … Continue reading From Insight to Vipassana

Learn to Meditate with Sleepy Moose

Introduction In this fast-paced, modern world of ours, oftentimes it is hard to find a minute to ourselves, and when we finally do have some alone time we tend to spend it getting lost in thought (usually unconsciously), be they thoughts about family, friends, work, health, food, until those precious few moments that we had … Continue reading Learn to Meditate with Sleepy Moose

Breathe Yoga with Cat Kabira

Had to share this with you. A wonderful video series titled “Breath” by Cat Kabira. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂 Truth by Breath (1/4)

Pre-natal Yoga for Energy & Intuition with Ashley Albrand

This page is dedicated to all Portals of Life on this planet. Thank you. For more information on yogic pregnancy, please visit Yogini Shakti Pregnancy, which includes recipes and other helpful advice to aid you during pregnancy. Namaste Segment One 10 minute clip from Ashley’s Full Pre-natal Class. Sufi Grind & other kriyas that will … Continue reading Pre-natal Yoga for Energy & Intuition with Ashley Albrand

Practical Awareness

From the point of view of attaining goals, be they internal or external, awareness is key. Combined with patience, anything is possible. As humans, we may not always be able to be as perfect in every situation as we would like, but being aware of an imperfect moment allows one to tick that box inside … Continue reading Practical Awareness