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This is why you can’t trust Monsanto, Fox, FDA et al.

Two Reporters Fired by Fox News for Revealing Health Dangers in Monsanto Poisoned Milk

Jane Akre and Steve Wilson discuss the events involved in their firing from FOX, regarding Bovine Growth Hormone and their refusal to falsify claims about its link to cancer.


FKN Newz – Time, Mind-Reading, 420, Truth about Drugs, Guns, Terrorism & War

The Sleepy Moose – Waking up to the world around, and the world within.

Nine of the 20th Century’s Greatest Conspiracy Theories Explained (infographic)

The truth is out there, unfortunately the majority of the general public is unwilling to look for it, or even consider the possibility that the people in charge of our countries would make a mistake or lie to us.

No matter how reliable the sources, facts or statistics, any opinion or explanation which differs from the “official” story from the government is immediately viewed as a conspiracy theory. Once something is dubbed as a conspiracy the majority of the population writes it off without even taking at a look at the evidence.

Unfortunately, many of the people who are willing to stand up and ask questions take it too far. It’s one thing to say “these facts in your report don’t make sense, this is why”, it’s another to say “these facts don’t make sense, so you must be a shape shifting lizard-alien”. As soon as someone makes one claim which is clearly far-fetched, everything else they said gets written off with it, no matter how valid.
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