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diary of a sleepy moose

Sleepy Moose Live & Direct. Say Hello!

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Moose In A Mosque!


I paid a visit to the local Islamic Centre today. It was a peaceful and educational experience. Two hours does not seem long when all of existence is the topic of the day, but what an enjoyable two hours they were. When I entered our local Muslim brothers’ place of worship, the congregation were just beginning their Friday Kuthbah (Kuthbah is their sermon, akin to a “Mass”; and Friday to a muslim is like Saturday to a Jew, or Sunday to a Christian). Continue reading Moose In A Mosque!

Live Every Moment

The only thing we have to do is BE, or, “Be Existence”. Everything after that is optional, and completely our choice.

You may not have the power to control external events, but you do have something much more powerful – the ability to control how those events affect you, inside. Nothing is more liberating than the knowledge and practice of this. This is free will at it’s finest.

The choice is always yours. Whether you are confronted with a drunken yob, angry customer, break-up in a relationship, even the death of a loved one; take a step back from yourself to soak in the universe at that moment, and you will absorb/hear/feel/know the best way for you to move forward.

The universe is constantly sending and receiving signals through us. We can tune in, and out, any time we choose.

“Realise you ARE true potential, then be your Self!”

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Simple Miracles

Sometimes words are too much. sometimes explaining a situation seems only to confuse it more. Life is, and can be, much simpler than we make it out to be. the problem stems from desire.

For some reason, we, as a human species, have a tendency of wanting to constantly improve ourselves and our surroundings. To look on the familiar as uninteresting, dull and mundane. Things do not have to be like this.

The world is filled with wonder and beauty. Even a back garden, or nearby pond can provide countless moments of insight. All around us, life is being experienced. From the plants, to insects, to fish, mammals and birds. Each one, a sentient being. each one, a new opportunity for spiritual growth and awakening.

It is only through awareness can we progress deeper into the tree of life, and to go, beyond our roots, to the source. That very source is created within each one of us as a seed of the next generation, but it is the properties within the seed that contain the ingredients to life, and it is only after it combines with the magical properties of H2O (water), that the seed awakens and becomes conscious. That same seed can lay dormant for years, before coming into contact with the necessary conditions to provide and sustain growth, though once that happens, magic happens. Life.

Have a look at the amazing moment when a seed comes to life.

There’s a lot more to this world, and this existence, than meets the eye.