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The Power of Music (Henry Wakes Up!)

The 18th of April saw the world premiere of “Alive Inside”. A new documentary which reveals the power of music over the human psyche.

This particular clip features the heartwarming and touching story of Henry, an alzheimers patient who, normally assuming a vegetative state, awakens and comes to life upon hearing music from the days of his youth.

This really is an amazing and inspiring video. We look forward to the release of Alive Inside, and I’m sure you will too. The mysteries of life are great and many, and the greatest voyage has yet to be undertaken, where no one has gone before – the journey within You.

The Sleepy Moose: Waking up, from the world around to the world within.

Wake Up Everybody – John Legend & The Roots

Rise and shine, sweet world. A new day of awakening has dawned. Every moment presenting a new opportunity to create, experience and be the change you wish to see in the world. Begin from within! Much love – mús


[We are All One, Masha’Allah] Long Live Palestine – Lowkey

“How can we be happy when there are others suffering needlessly. The only way that could be possible is if we blocked out the suffering of others. Then we would be blocking ourselves off from the truth, that we are all part of the whole, and the whole is a part of each and every one of us.” – mús


Life Is Real – Ayo [Don’t be afraid to love]

Don’t be afraid to love. The only way to experience life to it’s fullest, and to know yourself fully, is to wear your heart on your sleeve. The strong are not afraid to get knocked down, because they know that they can pick themselves back up again and carry on stronger than before. Life is real, my friends. Live it to its fullest.