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Death is the end… of itself

Some say that death is not the end but only the beginning. I say that death is indeed the end. But it is a self-destructive end. That is to say that death is the end of itself, or at least the illusion of. You see, death is the biggest misconception of life. Death is to birth as dry is to wet, but in both instances the substance merely changes form and location, it does not cease to exist entirely. Just as water cannot remain in place when it evaporates, so too the soul cannot remain bound to this earth once it releases itself of its bodily bonds. The life force within is then free to explore and experience the ethereal realms of existence which are open to it at that time. It will eventually experience change again and again, though not as extreme an idea as “death”, it merely unshrouds itself further and further until eventually the entire illusionary field in which it bathed has been let go until finally it “returns to source”, which only means it has dropped its subjective perspective and remembered the Truth of One.

“God is Life. Life is All. All is One.”

Pleasant awakenings.

Sleepy Moose

different stages of consciousness

Do one believe the road signs there is no one way if it's your truth then its the right way there are many paths beyond the rules of limited thinking trust your instincts

Paths are many Truth is ONE


Seek Truth

God is Truth. What that really means is Truth is God. There is no higher authority than Truth. Truth is what is real, unchanging and unbiased. All else is illusion. Illusion is neither good nor bad. These qualities only exist in the mind. Your thoughts create your reality. Think clearly. Meditate. That is to say, sit in stillness for a while. As long as you wish. Just do it. And don’t worry about death. Ever. When all is said and done, Truth prevails.


Sleepy Moose

Gandhi - no higher god than truth

truth shall set you free


From Insight to Vipassana

Learn how to see. (Sleepy Moose)

From December 27th to January 7th one hundred of us were observing noble silence (complete silence with no physical contact with others, not even eye contact!; and of course no contact to the outside world) while practising meditation for the majority of each day while having the daily food consumption (vegetarian) finished by noon, with the exception of a couple of fruit and a cup of lemon tea at 5pm.

This may not sound like most people’s idea of a fun time, nor the best way to spend the holidays, nor even the most ideal way to ring in the new year – well, for this moose, it was perfect.
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Consciousness Vs Materialism

The Question

“Is there an Ultimate Reality?” and if yes, “Can it be accounted for by science such as mathematics, biology and physics?”

The Discussion

Deepak Chopra, Michael Shermer et al. address these questions during a recent special event at Chapman University, California.

The Conclusion

Watch this short excerpt from the discussion and have your say in the poll below.

The Nature of Reality (An Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion)

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The Paradox of “Knowing”

Did you hear the news today? Concerning the nature of reality, apparently, the more we find out, the less we know! The rabbit’s hole is deeper and darker than anyone could have previously anticipated, or imagined. For what was once a simple, basic existence, has since become a pandora’s box of russian dolls – and that’s the layman’s version!
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Awareness is like…

Awareness is like…

…that time you fell asleep at the party and your face became a canvas for every Claude Monet & Vincent van Gogh in the area… … ??? … …it’s not obvious until you really see yourself, then it’s more apparent than actually standing in front of the mirror, thinking “who else has seen? who else knows?!”. And in the end, the only thing that isn’t a waste of time and energy, is acceptance and laughter.

The Sleepy Moose – Waking up to the world around, and the world within.