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One Is Most Amused!


If you are looking for a fun way to send a message to friends or family, I have a great site for you! “OneIsMostAmused.co.uk” is a website, kind of like a sound board, which contains pre-recorded messages from Queen Elizabeth of England (or at least from someone who looks and sounds remarkably like her!).

The beauty of it is that you can arrange the words/phrases to make a sentence, (or pure nonsense if you so wish), and have it played back with a video of Britain’s “numero uno” repeating the message for you.

You can double click on the words to preview them before “dragging and dropping” them to the teleprompter on the right. When you are finished, it will give you the option to send to a friend via email or embed as an object on your own web page.

Below is a message I made for family and friends before I took a vacation to visit relatives living in the U.K. (feel free to use it if you wish).

I hope you have as much fun making your messages as I did!

Click to check out my message from the Queen! 🙂