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Learn to Meditate with Sleepy Moose


In this fast-paced, modern world of ours, oftentimes it is hard to find a minute to ourselves, and when we finally do have some alone time we tend to spend it getting lost in thought (usually unconsciously), be they thoughts about family, friends, work, health, food, until those precious few moments that we had are all but gone, and we are right back in the game of life again – going, doing, talking, watching, cooking, eating, sleeping.

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The Paradox of “Knowing”

Did you hear the news today? Concerning the nature of reality, apparently, the more we find out, the less we know! The rabbit’s hole is deeper and darker than anyone could have previously anticipated, or imagined. For what was once a simple, basic existence, has since become a pandora’s box of russian dolls – and that’s the layman’s version!
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The Power of Music (Henry Wakes Up!)

The 18th of April saw the world premiere of “Alive Inside”. A new documentary which reveals the power of music over the human psyche.

This particular clip features the heartwarming and touching story of Henry, an alzheimers patient who, normally assuming a vegetative state, awakens and comes to life upon hearing music from the days of his youth.

This really is an amazing and inspiring video. We look forward to the release of Alive Inside, and I’m sure you will too. The mysteries of life are great and many, and the greatest voyage has yet to be undertaken, where no one has gone before – the journey within You.

The Sleepy Moose: Waking up, from the world around to the world within.

Breathe Yoga with Cat Kabira

Had to share this with you. A wonderful video series titled “Breath” by Cat Kabira.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

Truth by Breath (1/4)

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Living Room Yoga with Meghan Currie

Have you read “An Interview with Meghan Currie” yet? It’s awesome!

You may have seen, or at least heard about, the Equinox yoga video performed by Briohny Smyth, or even its parodical counterpart by humourist Michael A. Stusser. The former garnered much attention (for better or worse) by yoga and non yoga enthusiasts alike. The latter, many chuckles!

Well now I would like to present to you the best type of promotion that yoga could ask for. A simple living room recording which bears no commercial connotations or attachments, and so elegantly performed by the beautiful Meghan Currie. So without further ado:

Living Room Yoga with Meghan Currie.

(Music by: The Blow – “In My Room”)

The Sleepy Moose: Waking up, from the world around to the world within.

Awareness is like…

Awareness is like…

…that time you fell asleep at the party and your face became a canvas for every Claude Monet & Vincent van Gogh in the area… … ??? … …it’s not obvious until you really see yourself, then it’s more apparent than actually standing in front of the mirror, thinking “who else has seen? who else knows?!”. And in the end, the only thing that isn’t a waste of time and energy, is acceptance and laughter.

The Sleepy Moose – Waking up to the world around, and the world within.

Namaste (English)

¿Buscando la versión en español? Haz click aquí

What I mean when I say “namaste”

The Sleepy Moose – Waking up to the world around, and the world within.