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Meghan & The Moose (A conversation about Yoga, Juice, and Smoothies)

An Interview with Meghan Currie

About a year after sharing this post on Meghan Currie, guess what?, she decides to do a weekend workshop in Dublin (Ireland being the home and HQ of Sleepy Moose). What a crazy moose I would have been to pass up an opportunity to learn from such a bright spark, so I decided to take the workshop to push myself beyond all previous boundaries (physically and mentally) and to understand the strength behind her smile. And it was no easy feat, let me tell you.

To describe Meghan as cute, sweet and playful, is to miss half the composition. Yes she is all of these things, but there is texture behind the coating. It is this blend of grounded, earthy substance with free-flowing innocence that gives this yogi her appeal. Beyond the softness of her appearance is a strength, courage, and wisdom so prevalent that to miss it is to look upon a sky and never see stars. Sweet and strong. Cute and courageous. Playful and wise. A true blessing to encounter such a soul, I would encourage you to take classes and workshops with Meghan if ever the opportunity arises.

Moose: How did you get into yoga?
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From Insight to Vipassana

Learn how to see. (Sleepy Moose)

From December 27th to January 7th one hundred of us were observing noble silence (complete silence with no physical contact with others, not even eye contact!; and of course no contact to the outside world) while practising meditation for the majority of each day while having the daily food consumption (vegetarian) finished by noon, with the exception of a couple of fruit and a cup of lemon tea at 5pm.

This may not sound like most people’s idea of a fun time, nor the best way to spend the holidays, nor even the most ideal way to ring in the new year – well, for this moose, it was perfect.
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If we are not happy with life, there are two options we can take.

One, make the necessary changes until you achieve that state of mind (peace, happiness, contentment).

Or, Two, leave things as they are and simply accept, with complete faith (in God, Life, The Divine Plan, The Universe, Destiny, etc.), that all is as it is meant to be.

Either way, change begins from within. Either way, a natural state of peace will prevail, and the temporary state of discontentment will soon pass.

Two steps to happiness

The Oracle & The Sleepy Moose

The Oracle & The Sleepy Moose

Carved into one of the major temples, dedicated to the Greek god “Apollo”, 
in Delphi (Greece), are three phrases.

In the associated image, you will see the original maxims in Greek.
The English counterpart is a translation from The Sleepy Moose.

We are an organised group of humane beings,
in the world for one purpose:
To wake up,
from the world around
to the world within.

How you choose to live your life is something you will live with for the rest of your life.
Choose well, and realise: There is always choice.

Live the life now that your future self will be grateful for.

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Learn to Meditate with Sleepy Moose


In this fast-paced, modern world of ours, oftentimes it is hard to find a minute to ourselves, and when we finally do have some alone time we tend to spend it getting lost in thought (usually unconsciously), be they thoughts about family, friends, work, health, food, until those precious few moments that we had are all but gone, and we are right back in the game of life again – going, doing, talking, watching, cooking, eating, sleeping.

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Living Room Yoga with Meghan Currie

Have you read “An Interview with Meghan Currie” yet? It’s awesome!

You may have seen, or at least heard about, the Equinox yoga video performed by Briohny Smyth, or even its parodical counterpart by humourist Michael A. Stusser. The former garnered much attention (for better or worse) by yoga and non yoga enthusiasts alike. The latter, many chuckles!

Well now I would like to present to you the best type of promotion that yoga could ask for. A simple living room recording which bears no commercial connotations or attachments, and so elegantly performed by the beautiful Meghan Currie. So without further ado:

Living Room Yoga with Meghan Currie.

(Music by: The Blow – “In My Room”)

The Sleepy Moose: Waking up, from the world around to the world within.

Awareness is like…

Awareness is like…

…that time you fell asleep at the party and your face became a canvas for every Claude Monet & Vincent van Gogh in the area… … ??? … …it’s not obvious until you really see yourself, then it’s more apparent than actually standing in front of the mirror, thinking “who else has seen? who else knows?!”. And in the end, the only thing that isn’t a waste of time and energy, is acceptance and laughter.

The Sleepy Moose – Waking up to the world around, and the world within.